Extra-Curricular Programs

For a small-sized school, St. Joseph’s offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, aimed at providing the most diverse range of learning opportunities to all students.

Inter-School Sport
St. Joseph’s is a member of the South-Central Catholic Sports Association and the Victorian Primary Schools Sports Association. Students in the senior school participate in district cross country, swimming and athletic carnivals and weekly Interschool sport. Being affiliated with the Victorian Primary Schools Sports Association enables children to represent their state in National competitions.

Swimming & Water Safety
Students from Prep – Grade Four participate in a ‘Learn to Swim’ program in Term One. Year Five & Six students participate in a water safety program. Throughout the year students in Grade 3-6 participate in Inter-School District Sports activities as a member of the South-Central Catholic Schools Sports Association.

School Instrumental Music Program
St Joseph's offers a range of individual music lessons with highly qualified and skilled music teachers. Parents are able to sign their child into the program throughout the year.

School Production, Art Show & Christmas Concert

Each year the students of St. Joseph’s are involved in a large visual or performing arts event, in a two-year cycle.

Our Art Show and Production provide rigorous ways for our students to engage with the Visual and Performing Arts, with much preparation on the part of students, teachers and the Parents and Friends Association.

All children participate in our Production, with Year 5 and 6 students able to audition for major roles, and all other students from Prep to Year 4 participating in 'ensemble' roles.

All students prepare thematic art pieces throughout our Art Show year, in preparation for work to be displayed at what is a major social event for the Parents & Friends Association. 

Lunch Time Clubs
St. Joseph’s offers opportunities for students to be involved in different lunch-time clubs throughout the year, to provide enrichment across the curriculum. These clubs include Art Club, Open Library, Chess Club and   Garden Club.

Quiet Club

Each day, during afternoon recess, we offer a quiet indoor session for all of those students who like a break from the busyness of the playground. Many quiet activities are on offer, such as chess, lego, craft activities, reading and drawing. A member of staff supervises the students during this time.

Coding Club

Each week we offer a session of coding club for students across the school. Our senior students assist the deputy principal in teaching our younger children the intricacies of coding.

School Camps
Students from Grades Three-Six are given the opportunity to participate in an Outdoor Education program each year. These camps give the children the chance to develop their social skills and independence. Grade Three and Four students attend overnight camps, whilst Grade Five and Six students attend a two-night camp.