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Please contact the office administration at St Joseph's Primary School in any of the following ways:

Phone:  (03) 9597 6300
Mail:      49 Stanhope St, Malvern, Victoria, 3144

To email the Principal:

To email the office:

St Joseph's Primary School is located in Stanhope Street, Malvern, just off Glenferrie Road.
The school adjoins the grounds of the historic St Joseph's Church and has De La Salle College as its neighbour.



Staff Contact List




Email address



Learning+Teaching Leader



Michelle Moore



Deputy Principal

Maths/ eLearning Leader


Martin Earl


Literacy Leader

Religious Education Leader


Amanda Jackson


Learning Diversity Leader


Faye Forbes


Junior Team Leader


Marta Cummings


Senior Team Leader


Kate Callinan


Social + Emotional Learning 


Georgina Carman




Isabelle Freeman




Lynnette Stone



Prep V


Jasmine Victoire


Grade 1 D


Donnella Devisser


Grade 1 W


Celia Williamson


Grade 2 B


Kate Bascombe


Grade 3 H


Tanya Huebner


Grade 4 D


Kirsten Daws


Grade 5 O


Siobhan O’Dwyer


Grade 6 CS


Kate Callinan

Clare Smith


Support Teacher

Inter-School Sports leader


Liam Cleary





Jessica Chan




Mahla Davies


Visual Art


Marta Cummings




Josie Gleeson (Prep, Gr 1)

Laura Saladino (Gr 2-Gr 6)


Learning Support Officer (LSO)


Nevinka Curtain


Learning Support Officer (LSO)


Karen Redenbach


Learning Support Officer (LSO)


Briely Sheehan


Learning Support Officer (LSO)


Rachael Kemp


Learning Support Officer (LSO)


Joanne Watson


Learning Support Officer (LSO)


Hayley Knight


Learning Support Officer (LSO)


Marcus Rimondini



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