Naplan Results 2021

In 2021, our students performed exceptionally well in Literacy and Numeracy Naplan tests, and in many areas, we achieved our highest Naplan scores since testing began; all this during a pandemic! 
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It gives me great pleasure to share St Joseph's Primary Malvern 2021 NAPLAN results with you. Our Year 3 and Year 5 students have done exceptionally well in their English and Mathematics assessments. 

How we compare to ALL primary schools in Melbourne (inc State, Catholic and Independent schools):

How we compare to other Catholic and Independent schools in Melbourne:

Our Year 3 students achieved a result for Reading, Grammar & Punctuation and Numeracy which puts them in the highest band (based on the class average).

As you will see in the charts below, the average Naplan scores for both our Year 3 and Year 5 students from St Josephs exceeded the state average in every area measured. 

These results are a testament to how hard they have been working in the classroom and, of course, during remote learning. The quality of the education occurring in our school can’t be solely judged on NAPLAN results; similarly, the results cannot and should not be used as the only measure of a child’s education. I do believe that NAPLAN is a valuable tool, albeit only one data set, that provides our school with detailed data at various levels about strengths and areas for improvement.

We are confident that our Naplan score improvements in Reading are due to our shift to our Structured Literacy approach and our use of Multisensory Structured Language practices, which we transitioned to in 2018.  Similarly, have seen an uplift in our Spelling results in the Grade 5’s and a very high result for Grade 3 which we attribute largely to our use of specific literacy techniques including the Spelling Mastery method.

Given that our students participated in remote learning for half of 2020, collectively we should be very proud of their progress and achievement. I congratulate our parents for their commitment to their child’s learning (onsite and offsite) and I also thank our teachers for their efforts to ensure 2020 was a year of solid academic progress. No mean feat during a pandemic.

Below are the School Summary Reports for Year 3 and Year 5, which give insight as to how we compare with the average scores for our state. 

The Naplan information tells us that for every 18.75 points difference, there is roughly a 6 months learning progress equivalent.  That is – children performing 18.75 points higher than their peers have a 6 month advantage in their learning progress.  The table below shows how well positioned our Year 3 students are when compared to Year 3s in the average Victorian school.

I am extremely proud to share the following data with you:

(Approximate/ average 2 year median scale score growth is 75 points)


We are so proud of our Year 3 and Year 5 students for their achievements in these tests – it shows just how hard they’re working with their teachers and parents to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. Our ‘back to basics’ approach to teaching and learning is certainly paying dividends for our students.

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